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Using Data To Drive Decisions

About Us


MJ Solution Consulting was founded to empower companies to transform their data and business processes, large or small. Not every business is passionate about data process improvement, but we want to break that mould! 


We have a combined 40 years of corporate and professional services experience, in technology solution consulting, accounting, finance and tax.  Our customer conversations have ALWAYS come back to the same challenges - complex, manual and inefficient processes.


We want to change that! Your time and focus should be on understanding your data story and driving the business forward, not churning through repetitive data tasks.  


Our mission is to deliver innovative tax and finance technology solutions to transform your processes, increase productivity and reduce key risks, empowering businesses to focus on growth and make informed decisions and to free your employees (you!) to realise their full potential.


We offer data automation and process optimisation solutions and implementations, which include streamlining key data workflows in partnership with Alteryx and automating processes with RPA tools – see more details on Our Services here. 

At MJ Solution Consulting, we take an open-minded approach to achieving the right solution for our customers, with an agile and flexible mindset to solving challenges and meeting needs.  Your company is unique, so each approach and solution should be.


Make your processes work day and night so you don’t have to!

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