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Our Services

Simplify. Automate. Document.



At MJ Solution Consulting, we form a close partnership with your business to understand your strategic goals while evaluating your existing data and process environment. Our mission is to provide personalised and adaptable solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique business needs. Trust us to help you optimise your business processes and harness the power of technology.

We specialise in tax and accounting technology and implementation services, conducting a thorough review of your existing solutions and co-developing a strategic roadmap for growth.

Our collaborative approach ensures swift progress and effective implementation of your chosen solutions.

We identify a clear path to achieving your process improvement goals.


Whether optimising existing processes or introducing tailored automation solutions like RPA, we simplify and automate your workflows for maximum efficiency.  

We deliver reliable and impactful data automation solutions, deploying tools like Alteryx and RPA to enhance and streamline your processes.

With our expertise, you can quickly harness large volumes of data, perform calculations, and generate outputs and insights with efficiency



Manual Today, Automated Tomorrow

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