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Reduce key dependencies

Why Simple, Automated, and Documented Processes Reduce Key Person Dependency

Key person dependency is a common challenge in businesses -  it’s a bit like having to always rely on a superhero to save the day.  While it might work in the movies, it’s not the best strategy for running a business.  It can create problems if your superheroes leave the company or become unavailable due to personal or health issues (superheroes get sick too). According to the Institute of Management, a key person leaving a business can result in a 6 month drop in productivity or revenue. That’s why a business needs a team of superheroes – simple, automated and documented processes.


Simplicity: Simple processes are easier for employees to understand, training more people is easier, the risk of key person dependency is reduced and it makes it easier for the company to continue operating even if your superheroes are unavailable.

Automation: Automated processes are like sidekicks, taking care of tasks without having to rely on your heroes.  The Robin to your Batman, the Angels to Charlie, or Watson to your Holmes (not Donkey to your Shrek though).  You’re less dependent on specific individuals, as you rely on programmed logic rather than manual input. Automated processes can be set up to run, and continue to run, reducing the risk of key person dependency and ensuring that business operations run smoothly even if your superheroes are unavailable or leave.


Documentation: No superhero started day 1 without a training manual. Documented processes are that training manual, ensuring everyone can learn the skills to save the day.  Documented processes provide a clear reference point, making it easier for new employees to understand and carry out processes and ensure that everyone is working with the same information.

By implementing these practices, businesses can create a league of superheroes, ready to tackle any challenge and save the day.  If you want to expand your superhero team, contact us!

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